Why Choose Jay?

My clients say – “Buying, selling, any home, anywhere – “BEST WORK WITH JAY”, for many reasons.

A proven track record of success is only a small part of why I should be in your consideration and be able to earn your trust and your business.

My attitude has always been, if you win, I win, because I know that positive word-of-mouth is the most effective way to build my business in this area. Everyone knows somebody who knows somebody. You are my neighbours. If you deal with me, and are not completely satisfied that I have done everything I said I would do, or more, I have a new problem, and your housing problem remains unresolved. Nothing can be more important to me than having a satisfied client, because I also want to earn the opportunity to do business with your family, friends and co-workers.

What I do for you in order to earn your business and represent you in your housing transactions is provide you with:

Knowledge of the area
Having always been a resident of the area,, I have driven down every road and almost walked every path in this County.

I have a large circle of friends who help me with my business and bring me all the tips and gossip of their areas; what’s available but not on the market, who’s thinking of moving but only informally; what businesses are coming or going; when they know somebody is moving in or out – I am blessed to be supported in such a kind way.

I always have my ear to the ground, and am as aware as possible of everything that effects the local housing market. I can put all this informal knowledge to work for you.

Local small business owner
Being the owner means when you deal with me you are dealing with the man at the top of the chain. I don’t have a boss to run to and all the responsibility and authority begins and ends with me. I also have to see the big picture and look to the long run while I continue to build my business.

I am in this business because I love it, and I know I can only build it one satisfied customer at a time.  This passion keeps me thinking on my feet and willing to adapt to our ever changing world.

Flexibility in my business model
I see only solutions when presented with a problem, and if you have a problem, when you are working with me, it becomes my problem. I have been in this business long enough to know people do not make a housing change on a whim or randomly. They are prompted to act because they have a sense of dissatisfaction with their current housing situation.  On occasion, this feeling of unease may be vague, but strong enough to prompt action. Should you ask me to help you, my first plan of action is to identify ALL the reasons your current housing situation does not suit you, then devise a process or steps that will lead us, as simply as possible, to developing viable and realistic options for your consideration. Then we work together to narrow the options and I will not rest until you are snuggled in and happy.

I am someone who truly cares.  That means I will be answering your calls and returning your texts  promptly.
If I don’t have the answers, I will get them. If you have an issue that is concerning you, NO MATTER how seemingly insignificant it may be in the big picture, I am by your side, and want to ease your mind.  We are a team when we work together – we will both have each other’s backs.  This approach means nothing gets missed, because I listen, keep endless notes and lists, and no detail is too small for my full attention.

My business model is multi-faceted – I work in Real Estate, new home construction, and community development – and am able to pull buyers and sellers from all these segments.
My knowledge and experience covers all aspects of the local housing business. This means I don’t just see and consider one piece of the puzzle. I have no personal agenda. I am only concerned with your current housing problems and finding the best solution to solve them. I am able to cast a large net, once you have put me on the trail, and am able to provide you with all the viable options and a wide array of knowledge for you to consider before making an informed housing decision.

I have a certificate in marketing and have extensive experience in building and maintaining superior websites –Holm Realty and Jay Richards.ca, in addition to a Facebook presence and other means of advertising. I provide complementary video tours.
If you are a seller, you are expecting your representative to find you a buyer or buyers. I have always had an interest in all the ‘geeky’ means of attracting interest. Sellers deserve to have their most prized possession, their home, advertised to as many markets as possible, in a professional and attractive manner. This is where I can shine, and truly make your home shine.

I am honest and ethical.  I always have my client’s best interests in mind. This is my personal mantra, “when you win, I win.”  I also would love for you to tell your family friends 

“Buying, selling, any home, anywhere – “BEST WORK WITH JAY”