There has become a fierce competition among small towns in Canada who are all hoping to increase their population and tax base by attracting retirees who are making transitions to a simpler and more cost effective life style. Bridgewater, NS is one of these communities which is encouraging migration to its borders and is focused on providing a balanced lifestyle in a safe community to attract its fair share of those on the move.

The total population of the immediate region is approximately 59,000, with 8,500 living in the Town boundaries of Bridgewater and there are about 923,000 who live in Nova Scotia. The median age of the population of those living in the region is 46 years with about 40% of the population over 65. The population is also very stable. The local economy is fueled by a Michelin Tire Plant, a strong retail and service base which services the immediate area including the Towns of Lunenburg and Mahone Bay and traditional businesses based on agriculture and fishing.

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The area was initially occupied by mostly German and some Swiss settlers in 1750. The roots and values of many who live in the area today were established by these early simple, earnest, home loving and genuine travelers who believed in and respected themselves. These people valued freedom and fair play. The best way to describe the locals from this part of Nova Scotia today is “salt-of- the-earth” – there is a relatively low crime rate, most go about their business in a down-home friendly manner, and neighbours are warm and welcoming.

The treasure of this area is its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, with many pristine beaches crowning a rugged and rocky coastline. There is an abundance of freshwater lakes, unspoiled by over development, still waiting for those who want to enjoy the lifestyle offered by simple surroundings. Bridgewater Real Estate is comprised mostly of neat and tidy single family dwellings, still affordable and family oriented. By now you should hear this area calling for your attention – Find homes for sale Bridgewater!!!
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Nova Scotia is so close to being an island that most of its boundary is coastline; which means there are so many word class beaches that you will always find a patch of sand to spread out your blanket and enjoy what summer is all about.

Rissers Beach is about 25 km south of Bridgewater, on the “old road” past the LaHave Bakery and ferry on the way to Petite Rivere, Green Bay and Broad Cove. It has about one kilometer of white sand; ideal for walking or jogging. There is an adjoining campground managed by the Nova Scotian government, which means it’s clean and well maintained. There is a huge parking lot, canteen and a raised wooden walking trail over nearby grassy marshes.

Just before you reach Rissers Beach is its neighbor, Crescent Beach. It is about 2 kilometers long and also has white sand. The beach is fairly wide and is bordered by a paved road leading to the LaHave Islands. The beach can be easily accessed from any point by car, which means you can always find your own spot with space to spread out. The area is known for kite flying, wind surfing and the odd kite buggy will often skit by.

These two beaches are what Nova Scotia summers are made of: fondly remembered and always missed when not being enjoyed.