Smiling Hispanic Female Holding Sold For Sale By Owner Sign In Front of Beautiful House.Let me explain what you are paying for when you decide to try Holm Realty’s MLS® Mere Posting with a Flat Rate service.

When you opt for a mere posting or mere listing for a flat fee you are deciding to offer your property to prospective buyers on the MLS® system.

The MLS® system is a database of all the properties in the Province that are currently listed on the market, have been on the market and sold, or on the market and were withdrawn or expired. All the data associated with the property is identified by its own unique MLS® Number.

All REALTORS® use this system when they are working with buyers to locate homes that suit their client’s needs and pocketbook, view pictures of the property, get details related to dimensions, inclusions, exclusions, and other necessary information. Your property will then, by default, be listed on REALTOR.ca,which is the public website associated with MLS® This means that prospective buyers who are interested in purchasing a home in your area, in your price range, will be able to be informed that you are offering your home for sale along with all its details.

The fee is what I get paid to post your property posted on this MLS® system – which is akin to an advertisement direct to REALTORS® and the posting will be for a fixed time period of12 months.

I will act on your behalf to post, amend or remove your property listing on the MLS® System. Simply put, a mere posting is a property listing that is for sale by owner but advertised on Realtor.ca on your behalf. It is listed for a flat fee and is free of any traditional realtor commissions.

Sellers may make this means of ‘advertising’ their property for sale more effective by noting in their posting that a commission will be paid to a REALTOR® who brings offers from a buyer which results in sale. This gets you all the benefits of attracting buyers who are working with a REALTOR®, without the cost of paying a listing REALTOR® to further promote and assist in the sale of your home.  Essentially, you are representing yourself and your home to the buying public.

At common commission rates of 5% and 6% total commissions can calculated as follows:

 $  100,000.005% $           5,750.00
 $  100,000.006% $           6,900.00
 $  200,000.005% $         11,500.00
 $  200,000.006% $         13,800.00
 $  300,000.005% $         17,250.00
 $  300,000.006% $         20,700.00

Choosing Holm Realty’s Mere Posting service gives you the opportunity to list your home at a lower price and sell faster, walk away with more money in your pocket, or both!

To gain further understanding of the Mere Posting with a Flat Rate service offered by Holm Realty Ltd. so you may make an informed decision about whether it is right for you, contact me and I’ll be only too happy to answer your questions.

This just one more reason I say   “when you win, I win.”  I also would love for you to tell your family friends

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