One More Way You Benefit From Working with Jay!

I add Value to the Marketing and Promotion of Your Home by High Quality Photography and Complimentary Video Tours

Today’s home buyers have the luxury of doing their shopping from their current home, by going online to see what properties are being offered for sale, at what price and in what geography. They can do their comparing and contrasting immediately, on their own. This is an efficient and cost-effective way of narrowing down their housing possibilities.  The home tour of the past is long gone, as busy people only want to directly feel, touch and view homes that suit their tastes and pocketbook.

Technology is essential in having an online presence so that your home has a chance of being considered as an option. Having a professional, appealing online presence increases your odds of having more interest in your home because it’s presented in a more appealing manner.

Jay Richards has been a technology wiz since his introduction to computers, and has always marveled at the power of the tool. Jay has always been able to adapt to the ever changing technology and devices that the industry produces.

To get a sense of what Jay can do with technology, and an idea of what he can do to assist in the marketing of your home, just have a look below!

Can you imagine how much benefit you would receive if prospective buyers could do their initial ‘walk-thru’ your home on-line, without setting up an appointment, getting your floors muddy, and taking a hole out of your day? Plus their initial impressions are formed by viewing your home at its best, neat and tidy, and on a nice day. This is a huge BENEFIT Jay Richards can provide to both you and prospective buyers.

Jay Richards is also a ‘shutter bug’ which should allay any concern that you should hire a professional to take the photos of your home. While Jay is not a professional photographer, he certainly has an expert looking sense of what a good photo is and how to take it, and he has top of the line equipment to work with.  Jay believes he can provide superior service to you by NOT using a cheap digital camera, or even his cell phone, as others do.

In fact, Jay uses a Canon DSLR Camera with a wide angle lens, coupled with digital photo enhancing. When poor quality photos are posted online to represent the visual appeal of your property and because you’re competing against lots of other properties, it’s those that are well done and professional looking that stand out and are more likely to be noticed.  Well-lit, attractive pictures of the interior and exterior means you will have more potential buyers knocking on your door.

Finally, because when you choose Jay you get the benefit of his technical experience, and high quality photography equipment, your home may not sit on the market until the otherwise poor quality picturesfade and yellow.  A “fresh” looking property presented online by Jay will never look stale.

Jay’s equipment and photography experience are another reason many past clients say:

“Buying, selling, any home, anywhere – “BEST WORK WITH JAY”

791 Hermans Island Rd, Hermans Island

100 East Covey Lake, Maitland

27 Fire Hall Road, New Germany

24 Sprucewood Drive, Yarmouth

49 Sherbrooke Avenue, Bridgewater


81 Catidian Place Rd, Hebbville

SOLD – 905 Crouse Settlment Rd, Italy Cross

SOLD – 92 Charlie Lane, Pine Grove

2278 Conquerall Road, Conquerall Bank

SOLD – 90 Hillside Drive, Conquerall Bank


SOLD – 337 Leary Fraser Rd, Daypsring

SOLD – 28 Riverview Drive, Bridgewater

SOLD – 2351 Highway 331, West LaHave